About Us

Salumanus is a distributor and provider of network infrastructure solutions and has been operating in the field of networks and telecommunications since 2002. We specialize in providing network infrastructure elements and systems for data transmission in fibre optic, wireless and copper-based networks. As a value-added distributor (VAD) we offer products with advanced technical support both at pre-sales and after-sales stages, extensive warranty services, on-site installation and assistance at configuration. Among our Partners are the biggest telecoms in Poland, IT system integrators, Internet service providers and data centres.

The Company’s mission

Our mission is to support our Partners in the process of building leading telecommunication networks. We focus on finding the best possible solutions to meet the requirements of the fast-changing telecommunications world. Our aim is to deliver products and systems that constitute a durable and reliable element of network infrastructure to guarantee efficient functioning and high return of investment. The name Salumanus derives from two Latin words: salus (helpful/helping) and manus (hand). We offer a helping hand to all companies whose businesses and efficiency depend on efficient networks. We are helping to build leading telecommunication networks.


Technologically advanced data transmission devices and components dedicated for fibre optic networks.


Technical support

Pre- and after-sales technical support at the stage of product selection and configuration; tailoring products to projects specific needs.



We provide sales and technical training for our Sales Partners and, on their behalf, for prospective end-users.


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