Project specifics:

  • Target Client:Hospital in Kozienice
  • Category:Healthcare industry
  • Place: al. gen. W. Sikorskiego,
    Kozienice, Poland

In our Partner’s words:

The project of providing and setting up a WiFi network in Kozienice Hospital was integrated with a system of automated cash payment machines (Neosystem kiosk). Thanks to an open API (Application Programming Interface) for external systems and a steady operation of devices, the hospital gained a secure, efficient and fully manageable device to offer WiFi services for its Patients and Personnel.
As early as the project stage of the investment we received a complete support from our Partner. Salumanus carried out all the measurements at the hospital premises and defined the product types and quantities necessary for the project. The devices ordered were delivered in time, and their number after the measurements at the setup stage remained unchanged with respect to the number of devices estimated at the project stage. The system has been operating without any technical problems for over two years now.

The launch of a wireless network for patients and healthcare staff

Project realised in collaboration with NEOSYSTEM
Client’s profile

NEOSYSTEM is an innovative TV systems operator which specializes in providing television to hotels, hospitals and nursing homes. We offer the most advanced solutions in the market. Creating a new brand we have relied on our over 20-year experience in our field of activity, of which 10 years as Media Hotel brand. Over this time we have provided our solutions to over 12 000 rooms and have entered into cooperation as an operator with over 100 facilities in Poland.

Project description:

The key requirements for WiFi implementation were: connection stability, full coverage of WiFi, and most importantly, support in measurements. Since the hospital building dated from 1981, it was necessary to conduct a site survey to confirm or modify theoretical assumptions and define the number and location of access points (AP).

In detail:

Together with a WiFi system we provided network devices which support the entire system:

  • WiFi controller
  • Access points (AP)
  • Network switches with PoE
  • Aggregation switch
  • Benefits for the Client:

    The implemented solution enabled our Client to cover two hospital units. Owing to the cooperation with Salumanus the Client received:

    • Full support at designing wireless network and network infrastructure,
    • Precise estimate of the number of devices owing to a careful site-survey,
    • Documentation with visual presentation of the WiFi coverage.